Our work is a reflection of our capabilities.

"Capabilities are clearly manifest only when they have been realized." - Simone DeBeauvoir


We've designed our service platform to grow with you. Your needs change with time and we are here to meet those needs at every stage, from startup to exit.

What we do is part art, part science. It's the result of decades worth of experience and a combination of both formal education and the school of hard-knocks.

We've been there and done that from one end of the business life cycle to the other. Now more than ever, we know what it takes to succeed.


Call, email or schedule a chat.

Give us a call at 602.421.0602 or shoot us an email at steve@accelcg.com so we can get started.

About accelerated

Accelerated is a business consulting and insurance brokerage based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded in 2005 to provide software to the California workers' compensation insurance industry. Since then, the firm has expanded to become a business operations consulting firm solving operational and employer related problems and helping small businesses become industry leaders.  

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Accelerated, LLC
7500 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

P: 602-421-0602
E: steve@accelcg.com

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